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PSL Ticket Price 2024 | How to Buy Pakistan Super League Tickets

Hello folks, are you planning to watch a Pakistan Super League game 2024 live from the ground? Are these questions spinning around your head? When will PSL Tickets go on Sale? What is the price of PSL ticket for 2024? How to book tickets for Pakistan Super League 2024? Find out the PSL 2024 Ticket Price and purchasing process. PSL 2024 Players Draft List.

Pakistan Super League Tickets 2024

The fresh new campaign comes and PCB has announced info about the Pakistan Super League 2024 Tickets. The authority has revealed the ticket-selling dates, prices, and processes. Fans can easily know everything about the 2024 PSL tickets right through this article. Just read between the lines and grab your desired info about this year’s PSL tickets.

When will PSL Tickets go on Sale 2024?

The PSL 9 begins on 13 February. In the first leg, 14 matches will be played at Multan and Karachi between February 13 and 25. PCB revealed details about tickets for the games in Karachi & Multan meanwhile it will announce info about the tickets for the Lahore & Rawalpindi matches later.

Tickets for the Pakistan Super League’s first-leg matches will go on sale on February 4th at 11 am Pakistan Time.

What is the price of PSL ticket in Pakistan?

Pricing of the tickets for PSL matches varies from fixture to fixture, ground to ground, and date to date. The ticket price ranges from 1k to 6k Pakistani Rupees for the opening match of the campaign. The range starts from 650 PKR to 2900 Pak Rupees for all matches other than Sunday games. Meanwhile, Sunday, Feb 18th game tickets vary in pricing from 1k to 5k PKR and the 25th February game differs from 1k to 4k PKR. There are also season passes as well.

PSL Ticket Price 2024

Fixture VIP Premium First-Class General
Opening Match 6000 PKR 3000 PKR 2000 PKR 1000 PKR
All Multan & Karachi Games except Sunday 2900 PKR 1900 PKR 950 PKR 650 PKR
Sun, Feb 18th Game 5000 PKR 3000 PKR 2000 PKR 1000 PKR
Sun, Feb 25th Game 4000 PKR 2500 PKR 1500 PKR 1000 PKR

What is the ticket price for Gaddafi Stadium 2024?

GTV Live HD will reveal PSL 2024 ticket prices for Gaddafi Stadium later when the authority announces the pricing for the Lahore leg.

Apart from the tickets mentioned in the above-chart, there are some other beneficiary tickets that have different prices. For instance, for the league games, Hospitality tickets ranged from 10k to 15k Pakistani Rupees. Similarly, tickets for the PCB Gallery range from 12k to 15k PKR, and the Box tickets are available for 10 thousand to 12 thousand Pak Rupees.

What does PSL mean for season tickets?

PCB introduced season passes for the Pakistan Super League from the 8th edition in 2023. And there will be a season pass privilege for the fans in the PSL 9 in 2024 as well. Season tickets mean a fan can attend all the league stage games in that specific venue through this ticket. Playoffs games and opening games aren’t included among the season pass matches.

PSL Ticket Price 2024

Pakistan Super League Tickets Price 2024

PSL Season Tickets Price 2024

The season pass for the Multan games varies from 3555 to 16,380 Pakistan Rupees and it doesn’t include the opening game of the campaign. On the other hand, the season ticket price for the Karachi games starts from 2925 PKR and can be as expensive as 13,050 Pak Rupees. Season ticket prices for the Lahore & Rawalpindi matches will be revealed here later.

Season Pass For VIP Premium First-Class General
Multan Games 16,830 PKR 9630 PKR 5715 PKR 3555 PKR
Karachi Games 13,050 PKR 8550 PKR 4725 PKR 2925 PKR

How to Buy PSL Tickets

Fans can buy the Pakistan Super League 2024 tickets both physically and via online platforms. To buy tickets online, which is becoming a more popular way, one needs to head to to secure his tickets. Meanwhile, physically you can purchase your PSL tickets as well. In that case, you will have to attend the definite ticket-selling counter of the host venue. So the 2 ways to purchase 2024 PSL tickets are:

  • Online purchase via
  • Physical purchase at the host venue’s ticket-selling counter.

How to Book Ticket for PSL 2024?

Go to the online or physical counter and you need a Name, CNIC Number, and an Active Mobile Number to purchase a ticket for the 2024 Pakistan Super League. In fact, every ticket will be booked on one CNIC number. Moreover, the information on the CNIC including name and address has to match the details provided during booking tickets. Fans need to carry their ID card while attending the game.