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GTV is a reputed TV channel in Bangladesh which broadcasts various live events. Its full form is Gazi TV. This channel is very popular for broadcasting live matches. Although there are many other channels to enjoy sports in Bangladesh, viewers still watch GTV for live telecast. There are some rules or ways to watch GTV live that you may not know.

It is not always possible for sports lovers to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the live matches. But don’t worry because you can watch this channel online from anywhere. Basically The channel has given various facilities to the viewers to enjoy their favorite matches. From today’s article you will know more about this channel.

GTV Live

Who doesn’t love watching their favorite things live streaming? Gazi TV is officially providing online and offline live broadcast in Bangladesh. Many people think that Live can be watched only offline i.e. on TV but they don’t know that it is also possible to watch it online. You can go to Gazi TV youtube channel to watch the game, but those who don’t know the proper rules of watching fail to watch the live match.

No matter where you are in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world, you can access this beloved channel. Some prefer to watch the game live from the website, they can reserve the official website of Gazi TV. As a result, you can access the site anytime from your laptop or mobile and enjoy the desired match. There are few convenient channels in Bangladesh that have introduced multiple ways for viewers to enjoy live streaming.

About Gazi Television Bangladesh:

As one of the satellite Bangla TV channels in Bangladesh, Gazi TV gained popularity in a short period of time and is still thriving. This channel officially launched on 12th June 2012 and its head office is located in Segun Bagicha, Dhaka. The channel broadcasts live domestic and international hot matches along with various dramas, movies, dance music programs and variety shows.

So you can say that Gazi TV is one of the most preferred channels for entertainment lovers especially those who love sports which continues to reign everywhere online and offline. If you don’t have the opportunity to watch TV sitting at home, then you can watch the desired live show using your smartphone. You can access your favorite channels from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Cricket World Cup Live 2024 on GTV Live

The 2024 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, which will be held in India from October 5 to November 19th, is widely anticipated by cricket enthusiasts around the world. Ten national teams will play in this quadrennial One Day International (ODI) cricket event for the coveted world championship. Many people will watch the games live online, notably on GTV Live, for those who are unable to attend the contests in person. Cricket lovers around the world may watch GTV Live, one of the top sports streaming services, for an engaging and immersive viewing experience.

GTV Live Streaming:

Nowadays those who are interested in watching live streams rely heavily on Gazi TV. This channel buys the sports broadcasting rights and is the only Bangladeshi channel that telecasts various sports live. The ongoing FIFA World Cup matches are at the center of attraction for sports lovers. To watch the live streaming, you can go to the channel’s YouTube channel or website.

The matches are broadcasted live there. Gazi TV has bought the rights to most of the games but has not bought any rights to telecast the ongoing ODIs live. That means the channel is not broadcasting these matches directly. But so that the viewers are not disappointed, the channel authorities have arranged to watch live score and commentary. So when you can’t watch the matches live, then live scores can be your comfort.

Streaming on Youtube:

The most interesting thing for viewers is that they can also watch their favorite channel on Youtube. Gazi TV has an official channel on Youtube, which allows you to enjoy live streaming. But perhaps you don’t know how to watch live easily. For that first, you need to login to Youtube.

Then search by typing GTV, and the official channel will be displayed in front of you. Then click on the channel name. If any live news or match is going on, then you can watch it. But make sure you are logged into the official channel. You may not find what you want if you enter any other than the official channel.

Streaming on Rabbitholebd:

Do you know which is the official sports Youtube channel of Gazi TV? If you want to directly access this TV sports channel, then you first need to enter YouTube and search by typing Rabitholebd in the search bar. The Rabitholebd channel name will appear in front of you as soon as you search.

By clicking on it you will enter the channel and watch live cricket matches. But it is good to know that this channel only shows live cricket. So if you search for live football or any other sport, you will not find it. But there is no need to despair, you can enjoy football games using apps or other means.

Besides, you can also watch the match from the official website of Rabitholebd. But you can enjoy it better if you buy a Rabitholebd subscription. You can enjoy every game very well by buying a subscription.

Live Cricket Match:

No matter you are a cricket lover or a football lover. From anywhere you can watch live sports through Gaji TV. Especially those who love to watch cricket will definitely rely on this Bangladeshi TV channel. The authority of this channel buys the rights of live broadcasting of various cricket matches in advance so that the viewers can watch their favorite matches live without interruption.

However, the channel has not expressed interest in buying the rights of this year’s ODI matches, but they have arranged to broadcast live scores. Apart from this, other live cricket matches are usually broadcasted by this channel through various channels.

Live Football Match:

The FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar, but football lovers are enjoying almost every match with the support of their favorite team. Those watching the matches at home are usually enjoying live from satellite channels. But if you are on a journey then maybe watching the match might be a bit inconvenient. No problem, just having an internet connection on your smart device is enough.

You can enjoy live streaming of football matches from any part of the world through GTV Youtube channel or website. GTV mainly telecasts live cricket matches, but the authorities have already bought the rights to make it easier to watch World Cup football and are regularly telecasting important matches.

IPL on GTV Live:

I have already said that GTV is known to all as one of the mediums for broadcasting cricket matches. Cricket lovers also show considerable interest in watching IPL. Since it is the Indian Premier League, many feel that it might be difficult to enjoy it from Bangladesh. In fact, GTV telecasts every match of IPL live for all cricket lovers. Just like BPL you can watch IPL matches through this channel.

You must know that IPL is one of the biggest tournaments, so not only Bangladeshis but also visitors from other countries want to enjoy these matches. You can watch live streaming of IPL from anywhere with GTV. If you don’t find other media easy then you can download the GTV app and enjoy the IPL matches without any buffering.

BPL On GTV Live:

The season of BPL or Bangladesh Premier League is really exciting in the minds of cricket lovers. GTV is considered as the best medium to enjoy BPL matches as this TV channel telecasts all the matches live. However, those who usually do not get the opportunity to watch TV sitting at home, they can easily enjoy the matches through GTV’s Youtube live stream from anywhere through an internet connection.

You can even access it from its official website. BPL game is played in Bangladesh but people from other countries also watch the matches. They can also watch the matches live on GTV Live or GTV App.

Top Sports Live Channels in Bangladesh:

How to enjoy every cricket and football match from Bangladesh which should be known in advance so that you can watch the matches without any hindrance. Apart from Ghazi TV, there are some top local TV channels in Bangladesh that broadcast live sports. But most of the channels telecast the cricket matches live. Some of such channels are:

  • Ghazi TV (GTV)
  • Machranga TV
  • Channel 9
  • RTV (for a domestic football game)
  • Bangladesh Television (BTV).

Cricket and football have huge audiences in Bangladesh because the excitement is almost the same when playing football as it is during cricket. Everyone searches for different ways to watch the match of their favorite team. Currently, many people are busy watching ODI and FIFA world cup matches.

However, from this article you have learned about the ways to watch GTV live. Basically there are official and unofficial ways to watch GTV live, you can use any according to your convenience. Hope you know how to watch cricket or football matches. Now there is no chance of missing any match.