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Who is Adam Tamizi Haque? Net worth, Social Link, Wife, Career, Bio

Adam Tamizi Haque is an industrialist, businessperson, social activist, as well as politician. He caught the attention of the general masses with his social media appearances as he often showed erratic and unconventional behavior during those social media live streams. So, who is this Adam Tamizi Haque? Know Adam Tamizi Haque in detail and unfold his biography, net worth, career, parents, wife, & family, social media links, latest news, and more. Shadman Islam Anik Cricketer Stats, Wife, Age, Height, Bio, Worth.

Who is Adam Tamizi Haque?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque is the Managing Director (M.D.) of AT Haque Limited and chairman of the Manobik Bangladesh Society. He went viral as he recently burned his Bangladeshi passport. Adam is also a politician who sought nomination from the Awami League for the Dhaka North City Corporation election in 2017.

Adam Tamizi Haque Parents, Mother, Sister

The alluded person is the son of Barrister Tamizi Haque. Barrister Tamizul was the founder of the Haque Group of Industries. It’s a very well known & established company in the country that produces battery & biscuits. The company roots back to 1947 and has gained ever-grown popularity over the years. So, Mr. Adam is from a very rich & elegant family. His mother’s name is Mrs. Yeasmin Haque. He also has a sister and has allegations from the sibling that he has single-handedly assumed their father’s extensive estate after the passing of Barrister Tamizul.

Adam Tamizi Haque Age

The industrialist was born on December 29th 1976. He is soon to complete his 47 and will celebrate his 48th birthday this December. At the moment he is 46 years 11 months old as of November 2023. He was born in the Eskaton area of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

Adam Tamizi Haque Education

The current M.D. of Haque Group went to England when he was just 9. He spent many of his years at the Boarding School of England and was then admitted to a Tutorial College in the capital city of the country. He did a course on Catering at the Huddersfield and graduated from the Middlesex University in London, England.

Adam Tamizi Haque Wife Name, TikTok, Photo, Picture

The businessperson has multiple wives and currently, the number is 3. Names of 3 wives of Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque are:

  • Liza Azam Haque
  • Nusrat Haque and
  • Josna Haque.

His newest wife appears on TikTok and many of her videos went viral as the sources say.

Who is Adam Tamizi Haque

Adam Tamizi Haque Wife Pic

Adam Tamizi Haque Net Worth

As the Managing Director of the Haque Group, Adam Tamizi Haque is one of the richest persons in Bangladesh. According to estimation, his net worth as of 2023 is around 5000 Crore Bangladeshi Taka. In US currency, his net worth will be approximately 500 Million US Dollars. Cricketer Nasum Ahmed Net Worth.

Adam Tamizi Haque Net Worth 50 Million US Dollars
 Tamizi Haque Net Worth in Taka 5000 Crore BD Taka

Adam Tamizi Haque Biography

Full Name Adam Tamizi Haque
Date of Birth 29th December 1976
Place of Birth Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Age 47 Years
Current Residence Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Alma-Mater Middlesex University. London
Profession Industrialist, Businessperson
Mother Company AT Haque Limited
Parents Barrister Tamizul Haque, Yeasmin Haque
Marital Status Married
Spouse(s) Liza Azam Haque, Nusrat Haque, Josna Haque

Adam Tamizi Haque News & Facebook Profile

The latest news on Adam Tamizi Haque says he has shaved his beard and claiming to be Christian to seek Israeli Citizenship. Arav Khan posted Adam’s video and intelligence agencies were seeking to arrest him. When RAB-1 raided his home, he threatened to commit suicide multiple times. He has been ostracized from the Bangladesh Awami League.

Adam’s house’s water supply and electricity lines were cut off he said in that video published by Arav Khan as the consequence of controversially burning his passport and making disparaging remarks about women in leadership. It was an insulting indication towards the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He sought the help of the Christian community and wanted to go away from Bangladesh. One of his wife is pregnant and has been mentally disturbed he told in the video. In another video clip, he said, “I only want to eat rice from the hand of my mother, Sheikh Hasina”. He addressed the honorable PM as his mother and was crying his heart out in that clip. However, one can’t find his Facebook account link at the moment although many of his video clips have been shared from different profiles and pages and went viral.