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BPL 2024 Ticket, Prices: Where to buy BPL Tickets Online

The BPL Tickets 2024 Price and Schedule has been published. You can buy BPL Tickets 2024 Online and Offline. The curtain of Bangladesh Premier League such as BPL is already up. So the main attraction of the cricket lovers is now towards this. This event is very much loved not only by Bangladeshi but also by almost all cricket lovers in the world. Bangladeshi spectators will usually prefer to sit in the gallery to watch the game as the game is being played in Bangladesh. But BPL Ticket Price 2024 has many questions in mind and people want to know from where to buy this ticket.

Today’s article will give you detailed information about this. The much awaited BPL season is going to start from January 19. Cricket lovers have been in a frenzy for a long time as to what the ticket prices will be this time or how to get them. However, it is already known that a total of 5 types of tickets will be available to watch BPL matches. It is necessary to know the price of the ticket in advance so that you do not get into trouble while buying the ticket.

BPL Ticket 2024:

Ticket prices are fixed by the Governing Council of BPL. For 2024 BPL you have to purchase a ticket with a maximum price of Tk 1500, but the minimum ticket price is Tk 200. You must buy tickets in advance for the match you want to watch and that is from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm the previous day.

In this case, if there are two matches on the same day, then you do not need to buy two separate tickets, you can enjoy both matches with the same ticket. On days where there are two matches, the first match will be played at 2 PM, and the second match will be played at 7 PM. So, if you don’t want to miss any match, then you must buy the ticket within the scheduled time on the previous day.

Now you might still have a question in your mind that how much does a section ticket cost? For the Eastern Stand you have to purchase a ticket worth Tk 200. But if you want to sit in the grand stand and watch the game then you must buy a ticket of 2500 taka. Besides, the ticket price for North and South stand will be 400 taka. Finally if you want to get VIP ticket then you have to spend 1500 taka.

Stand Name or Category Ticket Price in BDT
Grand Stand 2500 Bangladeshi Taka
VIP Stand 1500 Bangladeshi Taka
Club House 800 Bangladeshi Taka
North/South Stand 400 Bangladeshi Taka
Eastern Stand 200 Bangladeshi Taka

Where to Buy BPL Tickets:

Ticket sales for BPL 2024 have started from January 3. Tickets are available at two booths next to Mirpur Indoor Stadium and Sher Bangla National Stadium. In this case, tickets for the first round of Dhaka will be available. You can buy tickets for the second phase from January 20. Tickets will be sold separately at each venue. So it is important to know the time.

Tickets for Chittagong can be bought at the booths of MA Aziz Stadium and Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. Make sure to collect tickets before the start of the game from where you want to buy tickets. Many people want to know whether tickets can be purchased online. yes you can You can easily buy BPL tickets online from You can watch the BPL matches held from January 6 sitting in the gallery. So you don’t always have to go to the booth.

Book BPL Tickets Online

Online mode provides a sure-shot way to book confirmed tickets. BPL online tickets can be booked easily if some simple steps are taken before the booking. We are sharing the below steps to book 2024 BPL tickets online along with the ticket prices.

  • Log on to the official ticket booking site with mobile, computer or tablet.
  • Now look for the BPL tickets listed on the website and select them as per your desired venue.
  • On next page, click on the seat booking link and go for the tickets.
  • Now all the available seats will be displayed on the page along with BPL tickets price 2019.
  • You can choose the seats as your budget and as per stadium seating plan.
  • After selecting the seats, payment is required to book the confirmed BPL tickets.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent on your mail ID along with all the instructions related to the tickets.

Online tickets might be available through and Ucash banking platforms.

Mirpur Stadium Ticket Price for BPL 2024:

If you want to know the price of tickets at Mirpur Stadium then know that the price fixed by the authorities is the actual price. But you should know from where to collect the tickets of Mirpur Stadium. A total of 46 matches will be held in this year’s BPL, so if you want to watch all the matches directly at the stadium, then you must know where they are selling tickets. But here also the ticket price is same.

If you want to buy the ticket with maximum price then you have to spend 1500 rupees. But Tk 200 is the minimum ticket price, you can buy that too if you want. A total of 26 teams will play in this year’s BPL. So support your favorite team from the gallery. It is best to buy tickets the day before the match, but if you miss it, you can buy tickets on the day of the match. You can buy tickets from two counters in Dhaka.

Sylhet Stadium Ticket Price:

How much money you have to buy a ticket to watch the game at Sylhet Stadium is a question of many people. Spectators at the Sylhet stadium are expected to buy a lot of tickets to watch the game as the 9th edition of the BPL is finally set to begin after a long gap. Apart from Sylhet residents, visitors from different parts of Bangladesh will come to Sylhet to enjoy the game of their favorite team.

So the organizers are expecting that there will be a huge demand for tickets at the stadium in Sylhet. The ticket price can be as high as 2000 and as low as 200. In previous seasons some websites, banks and outlets were allowed to sell BPL tickets. This time also the tickets will be sold from the booth of the stadium and through online. However, it is not yet known whether tickets will be available through the bank. But it is expected that everyone will be able to buy tickets conveniently.

Chittagong Stadium Ticket Price:

Some matches of the 9th season of BPL will be held in Chittagong. So many people will go to Chittagong directly to sit in the stadium to watch the game. You have to buy tickets at the same price in Chittagong as all over Bangladesh. But ticket purchase for Chittagong can start from next 24th. As the authorities have announced a price for the ticket, you have to buy the ticket at that price.

But you have to go to the stadium booth to buy tickets. You must buy tickets today to watch tomorrow’s match. But you can buy tickets on the day of the match if you want. However, you cannot buy any tickets before the start of the game. You must buy tickets within a specified time.

Then you have learned everything you need to know about BPL tickets from the above discussion. People’s interest in this year’s BPL is very high since it was closed for a long time. Hope you are also one of the cricket lovers, so know all the information about ticket purchase and collect the tickets on time.